Recommended Links

Language Links

Omniglot: If you're interested in language learning this site is for you

Helpful sites for students Good set of links for students of English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian

Ultimate Vocabulary: Improve your English vocabulary

fluentin3months: Interesting language learning site

Alliance Francaise: Learn French, with the culture

Cervantes Institute: Learn Spanish, with the culture

The Goethe Institute: Learn German, with the culture

Goethe-Verlag tests: Multi-language tests

Reference Links

Wordreference.comAwesome. Make sure you check out the forums.

Verb ConjugationsGet your verb conjugations here.

Online German DictionaryMy favourite online English/German dictionary

Podcast Finder Find relevant podcasts by language and category. (if anyone knows any French, German, or Spanish alternative news podcasts/websites please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated)

Recommended Links

Hidden iOS Gems to Play

Travel Links

The Hotel Reservation System: Reserve a hotel room in Europe.

The German Rail Page : See Germany by rail. Get schedule information

The French Rail Page : See France by rail. Get schedule information

Getting to Medjugorje : Information for the solitary pilgrim travelling here

Patrimoine Canadien: About Canada

Exploring Vancouver: my home town

Learning Links

Connections: James Burke walks us through the history of science. Don't miss the first part.

Developing Apps for iOS: online course taught by Paul Hegarty at Stanford

Building the Great Cathedrals Video available at various sites.

Topics in the History of Mathematics Miniseries from the BBC

The Structure of Scientific RevolutionsThomas Kuhn

Get the most out of learning Epistomology discussion by yours truly

Find motivation/avoid demotivation to learn Continued discussion on learning

Programming Links

Building a testing app for iOS: Using xCode and Objective-C

Embedding multiple tests apps into one iOS app: Using xCode and Objective-C

Building a testing app for Android Using Eclipse and Java

Embedding multiple tests apps into one Android app Using Eclipse and Java

Serving question and answer pairs, mp3 files, and image files using restful web services Using Visual Studio and C#

Querying the restful web service with a standard web client Using Javascript, JQuery, and CSS

Literature Links

The Old Man and the Sea : Ernest Hemingway

The Profession of Faith of the Savoyard Vicar: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Poem of the Man-God: Maria Valtorta Summary (.pdf file)

A Living Relic: Ivan Turgeniev

The Hamlet of the Shtchigri District: Ivan Turgeniev
"God has given you one face and you give yourselves another." Hamlet, Act III, Scene I

The Last Days of Leo Tolstoy

Le Mauvais Vitrier Charles Baudelaire

Contemporary Words of Wisdom: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Spiritual Links

The Immaculate Heart of Mary is consecrated to the immaculate heart of Mary

Vassula Ryden Unity

Making the world a better place Solutions to water, energy, and health problems

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech


Suite in D Michel-Richard Delalande

Les Folies d'Espagne Jean-Baptiste Lully

Concerto Grosso Opus 6 No. 4 in D Major; Adagio & Allegro Arcangelo Corelli (performed by Voices of Music)

Motetto In ecclesiis Giovanni Gabrieli

Kyrie Eleison Divna Ljubojevic.