The Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Immaculate Heart of Mary

What does the Immaculate Heart of Mary have to do with an educational website?

In an earlier discussion on epistemology (i.e. what is knowledge and how we come to it), Immanual Kant's theory on how we come to knowledge such as subjective truth, moral truth, and the aesthetic sense was discussed.In short, Kant felt that there is a mysterious entity that he called intuition that, when measured against the sensory input or idea received, gives us the notion of truth. Strangely, this notion which is a feeling in our heart with which we are as familiar with as any of our other senses, has never been defined with one word in our lexicons. Consequently it is rarely discussed; yet it is our only constant companion throughout our lives.

Imaginary friend jokes aside, this feeling, which we use to discern subjective and moral truth, beauty, and direction in our lives, is the basis of what many believers refer to as their relationship with God. The way God's will and the Kingdom of Heaven could be manifested on our earthly plane was and is through the hearts of individual men and women and their subsequent actions.

Mary's heart being immaculate means that she could perfectly discern heavenly truth - a goal all of us would seemingly aspire to. Through her humble life as an example, she teaches us that our ego will only get in the way of our heavenly help, so we might be better off putting our ego aside.I will leave it to the reader to research the beautiful simplicity of Marian messages and their promolgation of humility, purity of heart, and prayer (i.e. communicating with the heavenly Kingdom through the heart) to help in further understanding this link between knowledge and the Immaculate Heart. I also invite you to view the video detailing the miraculous in the Tilma of the Virgin of Guadaloupe to see what scientific techniques only available in our present times reveal to us about this magnificent relic.