Travelling to Medjugorje

Travelling to Medjugorje

Below were my instructions for reaching Medjugorge which were written in the late 90's. Today, arrival through Mostar's international airport seems to be the route of choice for pilgrims. I'll leave the original instructions here for those who would like to take the scenic route along the Adriatic from Split.

Below are some recent events:

The interesting story of Canadian mystic and stigmatic Georgette Faniel
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Medjugorje is a small town in Bosnia-Herzegovinia where the Virgin Mary has been appearing to a group of people since 1981. Click here, if you would like more information on these fascinating events.

This page is a brief summary of how to get to Medjugorje as a pilgrim without requiring you to be a member of a large tour group.

  1. Apply for your Croatian visa at least 1 month ahead of time.
  2. Get a flight to Frankfurt. From Frankfurt catch a flight to Split, Croatia.
  3. Bring German marks as they are readily accepted all over Croatia and Bosnia. Accommodation is in the 50-100 DM range
  4. Once in Split, get some KUNAs (Croatian currency) at the exchange desk and take the bus into Split. Stay on the bus until the last stop which is at the Split waterfront.
  5. Split is a beautiful, ancient city. It is well worth a stay of a couple of days. When you get off the bus, walk south along the waterfront towards the main bus station. If you do not wish to stay in a hotel, you can find accomadation with one of the local people offering lodging for very reasonable rates at the bus station.
  6. Note that your flight would have to arrive in Split sometime in the morning if you wish to catch a bus the same day from the bus station to Medjugorje. An overnight stay will probably be necessary.
  7. At the bus station, note when the buses leave for Medjugorje (usually leave daily starting at 6 AM til 10 AM).
  8. The bus to Medjugorje travels along the Adriatic before it turns into Bosnia. It is a very scenic bus ride.
  9. At the Bosnian border have your passport ready.
  10. When you arrive at Medjugorje, follow the signs to the main church (St. James). In this area you will find a number of travel agencies that can provide you with information on where to find lodging . They will also be able to give you information with respect to activities and pilgrimage sites.
  11. Settle in and enjoy your stay.
  12. When you're ready to leave you should only take the bus if you're not leaving on the day your flight leaves. A convenient option is to ask one of the local taxi drivers to drive you directly to the Split airport on your departure day. You can either have this arranged through the travel agency, or arrange it yourself with a taxi driver.
  13. Again, have your passport ready at the border.