Mother Tongue: English German French Spanish

Test Me: English German French Spanish

Retest Correct Words

Ignore Extended Characters





Keyboard only instructions:

  1. Hit enter to get a new word
  2. Type your answer in Answer:
  3. Hit tab then enter to test your answer
  4. Hit enter to get your next word


  1. Select the language you wish to be prompted with next to: Mother Tongue
  2. Select the language you wish to be tested with next to: Test Me
  3. Click on the NEW WORD button to present you with the first word in the Word: text box
  4. Type in your answer in the appropriate language in the Answer: text box
  5. Once you are comfortable with your answer click on the TEST button. This will compare the actual answer (which is displayed in the correct: text box) with your answer that you typed above. The correct or wrong value is also incremented appropriately
  6. reflect on your score, and continue with your next word by clicking on NEW WORD

By: Rene Kondratzky