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Internet Vocabulary Training Exercises Welcome


This site is meant to replicate on the Internet a means of learning words and phrases in different languages. I have found the technique used in this site to be helpful in learning vocabulary for two reasons:

  1. The vocabulary is presented randomly, emulating as nearly as possible the "flash-card" technique
  2. The user may keep score, thus monitoring progress

Note that this site is not meant to have dictionary capability, rather, words are mapped one-to-one between languages. The French tests use the indefinite article for nouns where the gender would not be given by using the definite article.

The user taking the tests can choose to ignore extended characters (i.e. they would just use the standard 26 characters) so that their answer will be judged correct even if the correct extended character has been left out. They also have the option of enforcing the perfect spelling of the word. If you are not enforcing extended character checking for the German tests, make sure you add an e after the vowel to replace the umlaut.

iPhone-friendly tests have also been created to allow you to more conveniently use the tests on your mobile device. You only need to load the test you want to use once while you have an internet connection. (except when using the Opera browser)

You may create your own tests with extended characters in the "Create your own test" section. If you want to create a test for your portable device, you should save it to your PC and then transfer it to the device. Please visit the Create your own test page for instructions on how to load and use the tests on your portable device. You can now create tests in the normal format as well as in the PDA format based on the same list without having to create 2 tests separately. Make sure you save your tests in a non-archive html format.

If you would like to see the word lists, you can do so by selecting the appropriate test under the Word Lists link.

I would like to emphasize that this is essentially a personal site. I in no way advertise myself to be a language professional (I am not), rather someone who tries (struggles) to keep his vocabulary current. It is as a result of this struggle that I started this site. There is alot of quality software out there created by professionals that I would encourage you to investigate. That being said, I appreciate very much receiving suggested corrections to the tests.

I would like to thank those who have forwarded enhancement requests and have made suggestions for improvements. The "do not retest correct", "word lists" and "keyboard only" features as well as the new "prepositions" test have been implemented as a result of such input. Thanks.

I've added instructions on how to create apps for your Android and iOS portable devices. This should be of interest to iPhone users in particular who should now be able to answer questions using their voice and thus practice their pronunciation. The original "create your own test" test should also be able to support voice answer from within Safari on iphone 4s+ as well as ipad 3+. You might want to make sure the first letter of your correct answer is capitalized if using the voice method to answer because the first letter of the word/phrase you speak is always capitalized.

Finally, You may reproduce my tests with your own words, create your own tests through "create tests" , put them on your site, do whatever you wish to do with them. I ask only that you leave a comment at the top of your html code indicating my initial authorship of the test engine.

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope that you find it useful.